Gymhero android app

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Hi, I’ve used gym hero for sometime but switched to an android device, is there any news on gymhero coming to andriod phones like Samsung? I’m having to use my work apple iPhone now in the gym to use gym hero which is not ideal, I rather not look for alternative apps as I really like gym hero


Sorry if I’ve asked this question in the wrong place or if this has been answered already

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Hey man, no need to be sorry, we’re a friendly community so it wouldn’t even matter if you post in the wrong place - but you posted in just the right place!

We’re currently working on making a breeze to use on mobile devices, so maybe you can use your work phone until then.


Although there is a Gym Hero app available on Android, it’s not affiliated with us in any way. Some Chinese folks decided to use our name and logo and publish a (shitty :cowboy_hat_face:) Gym Hero for Android. Boo!

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