No statistics Showing

Hi. I had the gym hero free app and then upgraded to pro. I’ve managed to sync all my workouts which is great. However, when I go to the statistics feature there is no data there, none at all. How do I fix that so I can see the data? Thanks.

Hey @don-stefano, that’s super odd - are you getting some kind of error message or is it just empty?

I’m having a problem with the statistics page too … it seems stuck “downloading workouts?”

I have the same issue. I think it is since I upgraded my ios to 11.3

I trust the problem will be solved quickly. Statistic is one of the key app feature for me.


Hey @pejorysta, @kfb, and @don-stefano!

We can reproduce it now and we’re on it. You can track the issue here: [fixed] Statistics just say “Loading workouts”