Version 2.24 released

Hey @gash65, I added you to the beta tester group here in the forum manually (we can only match if the apple id you used for the beta version is the same as the email you use to log in with Gym Hero).

You’re the first to report crashes with the beta version - do you still know which version you used exactly, and whether or not you had the new beta interface activated inside the beta version (or did everything look as normal?)

Hi Jannis, it’s not that the Beta version crashed, but a lot of the controls and features didn’t work as well as the basic version.
For instance, if I did a workout with the same name as a previous one, it would show the previous reps and weight, but I would still have to enter the information manually for it to be retained, whereas the basic version would keep it unless changed.
It still won’t post to Runkeeper, even though I’d entered the details again.
When I pushed ‘finish’ after a workout, nothing would happen, except the ‘finish’ button would be grey out, and I’d still need to enter a finish time.
It also still showed an error message at the start.
I’m not sure what version I used, but I downloaded it yesterday and used it today.
I hope this information helps.

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Not sure why you’re saying gash65 is the first to suggest issues with the beta, when I’ve reported exactly that a number of posts ago…

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Thanks @gash65, all noted - the runkeeper fix we might be able to sneak into the next update, but it might also take until the update after that.

@grangey odd indeed, probably that was wishful thinking! What did you mean with “every aspect of the app”? So far, we’re only aware of the crasher that happens when entering sets (especially for a newly created exercise name). Can you go into a more detail of where the app crashes for you? Thank you!

This is ridiculous. Been using this for years, counting on it for my workout. Keep being told to state when the app crashes. We’ve done that. It’s time to find another app.

@lpd190 Hi!

Let’s break this down:

1 .You’ve paid $5 once for Gym Hero
2. You’ve been using and counting on Gym Hero for years
3. You have been receiving bug fixes for years, for free
4. You have been receiving updates for years, for free
5. You have been receiving new features for years, for free

May I ask how much you paid for your last cup of coffee, and how long that lasted? And how you have the nerve to now complain?

The kind of support you want, you can either get by:

  1. using an app with professional support, financed by a subscription model where you pay something around $30 per month
  2. using an app with professional support financed by analysing and selling your data and ads
  3. using an app with professional support, that is currently free because it is still burning VC money, and will fall into either the first or the second category a year later because they have to make money

Your choice.

This is a friendly community, the app is made and maintained by two people in their spare time, next to the day job and the kids, and it would be appropriate that you show some respect for that. Your always free to leave, and we wish you the best of luck.

Don’t be so bitter; it’s just workouts, it’s just an app, we’re doing the best we can, and you got nothing to be mad about :slight_smile:

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I’m my case I can replicate (and mitigate) the app crash every time;

  1. Track an existing workout and pre-populate exercises
  2. Add exercise to the workout. At this point the exercise adds ok but the navigation buttons at the top of the keyboard are missing ( << Add set >>)
  3. Do not enter anything but click back to the workout exercise list.
  4. Go back into the exercise you just added and the keyboard and nav options are all back. All good and no crash :slight_smile:

Using an iPhone Xs Max - IOS 12.01

Love the app, best one I found to track my weight sessions. Keep up the good work.

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I’m finding that after adding the number of reps for an exercise I then click on the weight section to add that in.

When I do this my keyboard turns into a grey rectangle and then the app freezes before crashing

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I have replied before, but I now have a new crash motive. When in the stopwatch, it will normally stop working around 10 to 19 seconds whenever it crashes.

@gdouglass @mikejmcgarry @buzzsaw71 thank you very much for this feedback, it helps a lot! If you are interested, you can try out a beta version to get early access to a potential fix here


By “all aspects” I mean just that, I’ve experienced crashes and freezing in every area of the beta app sinse I moved from the non beta after experiencing crashes using the timer.

On the beta I’ve experienced being frozen out requiring the app to be fully restarted on: Timer, adding exercise, adding set, navigating completed work outs, and creating a new workout.

I do love this app, but at the moment I’ve given up using it as its too unstable and my workouts are ruined by getting frustrated restarting the app between sets or navigating out of an exercise now to even attempt to use the timer. This may not have been your intention as clearly apple does keep moving the posts for developers, but really hope you can sort this out and make the app stable and usable again ASAP.

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Crashes whenever I add an exercise to an already existing workout. This has been happening for awhile now. Well before ios12 update.

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App crashes when I have had it open for a while. My workouts tend to have 5-7 exercises, 3-5 sets per exercise. The first two exercises (roughly) the app is fine for all sets. Then it starts crashing if I leave it idle for a bit. First symptom is always the keyboard disappearing.

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Freezes mid workout or exercise when trying to add sets or reps. Either crashes or freezes. Then I have to restart the app and my workout session again. Mildly annoying. Other than that it’s been a fantastic app for many years!

iPhone 8 Plus and iOS 12. Had this behavior before iOS 12.

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App crashed consistently every day. Updated to IOS 12.1, now the app is almost unusable. Constellation crashes, won’t allow input info…

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@rusty12usc @enaid1 @makander @rkwalls We have a beta version that fixes all of these crashes, you can get early access here or wait until next week when an official update will be distributed via the App store.

A big apology for the troubles!

Hi Jannis,

I’d like to be a beta tester. Downloaded TestFlight then GymHero Pro - how do I obtain a “redeem code”?


Crashes as soon as I input rep data. Freezes so badly I can’t use the app anymore. It reverts back to the app startup screen (orange background with dumbbells).

@joy2b you should have received that via email :thinking: did you sign up to TestFlight with the link from this forum?

@cuba520 @joy2b we just released an update to the App Store which fixes the crashers :slight_smile:

Hey Shane, thanks for writing us.

There should not be any lag regardless of the iPhone model. Which one are you using?