• Gym Hero – log workouts and improve your fitness!

  • If you don’t track your workouts, you won’t know if you are progressing. That’s why you need a good fitness log. Gym Hero lets you track all your activities. Whether that’s a crossfit session, a workout at the gym or a set of push ups at home. Track, progress and reach your goals in no time. All you’ll need is an iPhone!

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  • Are you using Runkeeper? Sweet!

  • We are excited to be a Runkeeper partner app! With a swipe over a workout you can send it straight to your Runkeeper.com profile. If you aren’t using Runkeeper yet, hop over to their site and check it out. They have one of the best cardio tracking apps out there.

    Don’t forget to link Gym Hero to your Runkeeper account and start sharing workouts with your friends on Runkeeper.com

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  • Are you on your phone? Gym Hero is free so why don’t you give it a spin? Click here to open the app store.


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