How can I delete a workout,exercise or set?

To delete something in Gym Hero, just swipe over the information you want to get rid of. A red delete button will appear.

How do I post to Runkeeper, Facebook and Twitter?

To share a finished workout swipe over it in the workout history.

How can I increase the maximum amount of sets/reps/weight?

Close Gym Hero and open your iPhone settings. Scroll down to the app section and look for Gym Hero.

What is the purpose of selecting a muscle group for my exercises?

You will have to do this in order to be able to send a workout to your profile. In case you have purchased the statistic feature in the Gym Hero store, you will also get nice infos how hard you have worked each body part.

What is the auto-fill option on the start screen for?

Every time you pick a workout you have done in the past, the app will add all the exercises you did in this particular workout. So if you want to do the same routine over again you will not have to enter every exercise again.

Where do I find a list of exercises I can choose from?

There are no preset exercises in Gym Hero. As you enter your workouts and exercises the app learns from you. It will save all the infos you entered. The next time you want to start the same workout/exercise, just select it from the pull down menu and start lifting weights.

Why are weights and reps already selected when I start an exercise?

When you select an exercise you have used in the past. Gym Hero will add the information from the first set of you last workout. That way you don’t have to be spending a lot of time scrolling plus you get to see how much weight you used the last time.

It takes too much time to scroll down till I reached the weight I use. Is there a way to get around this?

Don’t worry! The next time you do the same exercise, the weight of your first set of the last workout will be pre filled for you.

Is there going to be a version of Gym Hero for Android?

We are currently working on making the iPhone app as smooth as possible. Only then we are considering other platforms.