1 million workouts
  • 1 million workouts

  • You can add as many of your own workout routines and exercises as you want. Once your workouts are configured, you can easily choose them from your personal workout database.
kgs or lbs
  • kgs or lbs

  • Gym Hero fully supports the metric system. If you want kilograms instead of pounds, open the settings app and just switch!
Workout history
  • Workout history

  • Gym Hero is like a diary, only for your fitness activities. Every logged workout is saved to the workout history, listed under the month and day. This way you'll always know which and how many workouts you have completed.
  • Timer

  • Time your warm up session, keep control of rest times or use it to boil an egg. The extra big timer is something you'll love!
Magic autofill
  • Magic autofill

  • Everything has to be entered only once! The autofill will copy your routines, add exercises, weight and reps from your previous workouts. Let Gym Hero do the work for you!
Workout summary
  • Workout summary

  • After each workout you will see a workout summary. You can check out the start time, end time, duration and order of exercises. To compare your sessions to previous workouts you'll also see the total moved weight, reps and avg. set count.
Gym Hero is free
  • Gym Hero is free

  • Yes that's right! The basic version of Gym Hero is completely free. If you like the iPhone app you can unlock special features for a small fee.
Data export
  • Data export

  • You can export a csv file with your workout data. This way you'll never lose your records plus you can create sweet excel charts!
Any questions?
  • Any questions?

  • Seek help from our build in support forum or contact us with an email. We'll give our best to answer every question you have!