• Gym Hero – log workouts and improve your fitness!

  • If you don’t track your workouts, you won’t know if you are progressing. That’s why you need a good fitness log. Gym Hero lets you track all your activities. Whether that’s a crossfit session, a workout at the gym or a set of push ups at home. Track, progress and reach your goals in no time. All you’ll need is an iPhone!

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  • One app for all activities

  • Whether you are a new to fitness, a total gym rat, only doing bodyweight exercises or looking for a way to log your crossfit sessions. With Gym Hero you can handle all of it. Everything is fully customizable to adapt to your workout style.

    We also made sure, that tracking your activities is as simple and easy as it can be. Once you have entered your exercises and workout routines, it only takes a few clicks to log a workout.

    No need to work yourself through big lists and exercise descriptions. The Gym Hero app is click optimized, it gets out of your way as much as possible so you can actually focus on your workout and stop playing around with your iPhone.

  • Unlimited routines and exercises

  • We have heard of apps that limit the number of routines and exercises you can create. Ups, not with Gym Hero! You can set up as many routines as you wish. Create a workout, add exercises and save to your personal database.

    Gym Hero will remember everything and with one click you can copy a previous routine for your next workout. Do you want to add another exercise this time? No problem! Pick the exercise from your previous exercises or add a new one. You can also reorder all the exercises if you decide to freshen up your next session.

    You’ll see, it only takes a few workouts and the app knows you better than any personal trainer!

  • Detailed workout summaries

  • To make sure you are progressing towards your goals it is fundamental to get a feedback after every workout.

    The summary screen gives you a complete report of your logged sessions. Available is every important detail you’ll need to analyze your workout properly.

    How many reps did you do? What was the total weight? Did you improve compared to your last workout? The summary screen will give you the answer to all of your questions.

  • Smart exercise mode

  • Welcome to the workout mode: Gym hero is optimized to work fast and smart. Select sets, reps and weight with only a flick of your thumb. The picker wheel will help you enter everything even when your hands are shaking after a hard set.

    Check out the grey numbers behind each set. That’s your performance from the last time you did this exercise. Make sure to add a rep or some weight this time to boost your progress.

    Simple but effective!

  • Gym Hero online log

  • Everyone gets his own online workout log. Get a bird eye view on your statistics on the dashboard and browse each workout you ever did. Show it to your trainer, discuss your workouts with your gym buddies, use it as your forum signature. It’s up to you. A great way to see your work on a beautiful webpage.

    You feel like sharing your hard work at the gym? You can share your workout log directly via text message, WhatsApp, Gmail, Line and so on (if you have these apps installed).

    Example Workout log
  • Are you using Runkeeper? Sweet!

  • We are excited to be a Runkeeper partner app! With a swipe over a workout you can send it straight to your Runkeeper.com profile. If you aren’t using Runkeeper yet, hop over to their site and check it out. They have one of the best cardio tracking apps out there.

    Don’t forget to link Gym Hero to your Runkeeper account and start sharing workouts with your friends on Runkeeper.com

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