Any news on the Android App?


I’m about to switch to Android from iPhone and I’ll need a good workout tracker. Several years ago someone asked if there was an Android app and the answer was no, not yet. Any movement towards making the app yet?

I can’t see a way to log my workouts using the browser as suggested.


Hey Dylan!

OMG! I know what you mean. In the web interface one can only edit workouts, but not add them :man_facepalming: Haha, what a nice oversight from us. We’ll add that functionality swiftly :slight_smile:

Update: We added the functionality requested, you can now add workouts using the web interface. Here’s how it looks:

Workouts overview page

Workout edit page

Next step is to make it look good, but now at least you (@basketjammer) can already log workouts on android!

Awesome, thanks!!