Apple Watch Activity/Health App - Active Calories

Gym Hero Pro links to Apple Health and correctly syncs exercise minutes. It also loads data for active calories but it is not recognized by Apple Activity App as active calories.

Is there a fix?

As frustrating as this is, there is no “fix” for this. The Activity app only pulls from the Apple Watch itself and doesn’t pull from the Health app (at least from my understanding). The Activity app will push to the Health app, but not pull. If the developers of Gym Hero implement Apple Watch support and we can run the App on the Watch, then it would go towards closing the rings. Otherwise we can’t do anything to make it goes towards the rings. I have moved to using both the Gym Hero app (not pushing to Health) and the the built in workout Watch app (pushing to health) to try and get the benefits of both. Hope this helps and sorry it doesn’t fix the issue. I am hoping for Apple Watch support at some point, but isn’t a deal breaker.

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@mpress03 is exactly right. We’ll need to implement an Apple Watch Companion for Gym Hero so the calories can also go towards the rings on the apple watch. Otherwise it will only flow to the Health app on your phone. We have an Apple Watch app on the roadmap for this year though, so that’s at least something, right? :slight_smile:


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Any Update on the Apple Watch Implementation?