Can’t export workouts

(hexifly) #1

I get a loading icon for a split second and then nothing happens. I also paid for the app, using iPhone 6s. Is this just not a working feature?

(Jannis Hermanns) #2

Woops, sorry for that @hexifly, that should definitely be working. We’re investigating!

(Jannis Hermanns) #3

@hexifly do you have a mail account configured in iOS? How the export works is,

  1. Gym Hero creates an excel file
  2. Gym Hero creates a .csv file with the same data, just for compatibility
  3. Gym Hero hands these two files over to iOS saying “The user wants to send a mail with these two attachments”.

I’m not sure what happens if there are no mail accounts configured in iOS (for example because you don’t use Apple’s mail app, but something like Google Inbox. We should probably consider a second option that allows storing these files in iCloud drive.