Cardio support?

Hey hey hey, I would love to be able to track my cardio with Gym Hero. Any way to do that???

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It was (and still is) our goal to create an app that helps you to log your liftings as smooth as possible! To keep things simple and fast we did not add a specific cardio feature yet. However, this is how you can still keep track of your cardio activities:

  1. Enter the type of cardio and duration as the workout name e.g. Treadmill 35.30 min. - that’s how I do it :slight_smile: This way your session shows up as a single workout in your workout history and you’ll always know when you did a cardio activity.

  2. Add a new exercise to a workout. Use sets for hours, reps for minutes and the weight for seconds. This way it would be part of a workout which I think is good for smaller warm up session which are repeated each workout.

I bet there are also other ways but it gives you an idea how to handle cardio in Gym Hero. Just give it a try and see what works best for you.

Besides that we know that a lot of people want to track time based exercises and cardio with Gym Hero. Therefor we are working on a feature to fully support cardio workouts - please give us some more time.


Hey guys,
Any progress on supporting cardio exercises?