Create new Workout based on existing worko/

Hi. Is there a way to create the entries of an existing workout to a new workout? Ty.

It’s actually fairly easy. Click “Track Workout” then “Schedule workout”. Choose a day and time in their future(just makes it easier), Click “Continue”, where it says “Workout name”, scroll down to a previous workout that you want duplicate, then pick that one. It will now have the same name as the previous workout you are copying. That’s ok, you will change that. Be sure “Autofill exercises” is selected, then click “Plan Workout”. Now go to the very top where the workout name is listed, click on it. You will now see multiple lines with the same name. Click on the FIRST one and change it to your new workout name, then click “Done”. You will now have an exact copy of the previous workout but with the New Name. At this point, you can either click “Finish” and it will move to your “Planned workouts” or you can scroll to the very bottom and change the “Workout date” to the current date and time and it will start timing your workout. You can even add exercises that you didn’t do in the previous workout or you can delete exercises that you end up not doing in the current workout. The process I described looks difficult but is very easy.
Good Luck