Database isn’t populating

Installed the latest beta 2.24.10.

I have customized exercise names so they begin with a body part. That way, for example, I can type “chest” and it will return a complete list of my chest exercises.

Those have disappeared in the latest release.

I thought “maybe if I delete the app; reinstall; and sync again,” it would pull the names. But it didn’t.

Using an iPhone X: OS 11.4.1.

Moose Parker.

This helps us help you: Gym Hero Pro pro 2.24 iOS 11.4.1 on iPhone10,6

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But confirmed! We will have a new beta version hopefully by Wednesday. Thank you so much for testing the beta AND taking the time to report back!

Normally we fix beta glitches like this within a day, but we are on vacation right now with the kids, so no programming time :wink: