Detailed statistics

(rocarz) #1

Hey guys,
It would be nice to have extended statistics. For example:
Graph of used weights for one exercise. One rep max for one exercise, etc.

The current statistics are pretty useless in my honest opinion because they are way to general.


(Jannis Hermanns) #2

Hey Sven, yeah, they’re pretty much just a bird’s eye view. On you could get a lot more stats with a fitty pro account. But we’re migrating the fitty features to, so you can expect the stats for 2018.

What’s your wishlist of top 5 metrics you’d like to see?

(rocarz) #3

Hey Jannis, yeah I saw that today but to be honest I do not want to pay twice for premium features (once for the pro app and once for fitty). It would be nice to have these features in your app. So it’s nice to hear that you’re migrating the features.

I would love to see:

  • 1 rep max per exercise
  • development of the used weight per exercise

Maybe someone else has additional ideas.

Thanks and regards,

(Jannis Hermanns) #4

We got it - that’s why we’re unifying everything :slight_smile: Thanks for your feedback Sven!

(falsare) #5

I just want to say that I totally agree with Sven. The stats function will be so much more useful if you can see the development of weight/excercise and also the 1 rep max. Looking forward to see this feature to be incorporated to the app.

Best regards

(usr) #6

Agere with the above. Honestly I could not believe that such a basic feature as seeing the log history of each exercise easily available in the GUI was not there.

And WTF is this idea of now only implementing new features like this in to a subscription payment service about? I hope lacking basic features like the one we are talking about here is implemented to the app without having to purchase some absurd subscription bullcrap, because honestly, there are way more feature rich apps out there if GH is going to go out and compete with other greedy developers.

(Jannis Hermanns) #7

I don’t know man, can you afford to work for free? Do you get paid regularly for your work, or just once? Not trying to be unfriendly here, it’s an honest question.