Duplicating entries

When I’m in the app, I have an issue of duplicate workout sessions being created, exact same data just many entries.

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I’m having the same problem

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I am also getting duplicate workouts and workouts added to planned.

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Same same. Very frustrating to delete duplicate workouts, only to have them reappear. Also getting a slew of planned workouts that defy permanent deletion.

I’m having the same problem, duplicates workouts completed x10 +! Very frustrating as you have to delete each one by one at a time.

Had the same issue but only for one day … had about ten instances of the same workout :weight_lifting_man:‍♂

I have the same problem

Hi all, thanks for letting me know - a bunch of problems have already been fixed, with one remaining identified but not fixed (coming in the next days). You can follow this thread.

No data was lost, of course :nerd_face: