Error: {"type":"gymhero error"}

(k0nv3x) #1

Hey Guys,

recently bought the pro app on iOs, but everytime I open it or try to look at training plans I get the error in the title. The stop watch function doesn’t exist as well on my app.


(andy125) #2

Same Problem.
Any help?

(Jannis Hermanns) #3

Apologies for noticing this so late!

@k0nv3x A couple of questions:

  1. does it happen only in the training plans section?
  2. does it happen on the start page of the app as well?
  3. are you logged in with the same username in the pro and the free app?
  4. the stop watch can be accessed by pulling the list of sets or exercises all the way down (the same gesture as when you “pull to refresh” in the apple mail app)

@andy125 I guess you just mean the error, not the timer, right?

(wealthfare) #4

I receive this message when opening ‘Training Plans’ on the application. It won’t allow me to select any of the options.

(Jannis Hermanns) #5

@andy125 @wealthfare do you have mobile data deactivated for Gym Hero by any chance?