Fix weight entry bug in KGs

51.8 autocorrects to 51.79

In kg

:man_facepalming: oops that’s a fun bug

Still no possibility to use decimal weights. It is really critical bug…

Similar issue here. Weights after the decimal point are transformed into hyper-precise (but incorrect) values, e.g. 9.1 becomes 9.1000000381469727 kg.

Hey @pejorysta & @heb Sorry this bug, we’ll take of it!

Hi Jbo, still not eorking although I noticed some difference. Currently I am using ios 12.1.4 and if iPhone language is Polish and keyboard Polish as well, I cannot put any decimal (there is no reaction when I type “.”. When I switch iPhone language to English US or UK, when I press “,” decimal is displayed correctly and then autocerrected to “0”.

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Hi @pejorysta Thanks for the update! We believe we found the bug, testing it in the beat at the moment. If everything works out we’ll have an update ready for you very soon :wink: