How do I become a beta tester?

Ich möchte auch die Beta Version testen.

I’d love to be in the Beta, used this app for ages and recommended to so many :+1:

Hey Janis,
I love the app and use it daily. Would like to be beta tester!

I would like to be a tester.

I would be happy to be a beta-tester. My e-mail is



Hey @jeliasberg please use the link supplied in the topic (

I would like to join the beta tester team.

I’m no longer able to use latest beta version after it crashed mid workout. Upon opening it crashes. Have rebooted phone and reinstalled from TestFlight but no good

@dannymitrovic oh no :scream: is that already the 2.25.6 version you see in the TestFlight app, or is it a previous one?

Make sure to not delete/reinstall the app, or if you do, make sure all your workouts have synced with

Latest version from TestFlight is now working for me. I have all workouts synced so not too bad other than needing to re enter the current work out again

FYI I don’t have access to provide feedback

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Same here. Great update stable throughout the whole workout including timer and editing sets and reps.

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@dannymitrovic and @micm added you to the beta group here in the forum, you can now access it directly from the beta app’s start screen

Thanks for the feedback you gals and guys, keep it coming!!!

Hi @jannis, I’m running the beta app for two weeks now and would like to give you some feedback. Can you give me access to the beta forum please.

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Added you to the beta testers group!

hi ! i‘d like to join beta testing as well.

Hey @honoluluzulu, please join through this link:

There will be a new beta version released today.

Hi, I’m getting regular and persistent freezing when inputting sets, reps and weight etc.

I’m perhaps restarting the app at least 4 times a week (I train five times a week).

Perhaps having the beta version might resolve this?

I’m on iso12.0.1 and an iPhone 6.

Many thanks

Hey @zeeguls, yeah, the beta will get rid of 99% of the crashes. You can get it here :slight_smile:

Great, thanks.

I’ll download and start using ASAP.

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Hi @shane-haumpton, please don’t use our little community for link building and advertisements. Thanks!