How do I become a beta tester?

Apply within

Send me a direct message here in the forum. If accepted to the beta program, you’ll get an email from Apple with further instructions on how to install the beta version of Gym Hero. We use Apple’s official way of distributing beta apps, there is no jaillbreak or connection to a computer necessary.

:warning: Please use :point_right: this link :point_left: to join the beta tester team.

Why beta test?

  • get early access to new features before they become generally available
  • get Gym Hero Pro without paying money :smirk:
  • help us roll out new features quicker
  • help us increase the quality of Gym Hero


You can safely install it over the app store version of Gym Hero. And if you don’t like the beta, you can install the app store version over the beta version to downgrade. You will not lose any data, as long as you do not delete the app.

Also make sure you have a account - but this is a good idea whether you use the beta or not - more info here: Why create a free account in the app?

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I accepted to the beta program.

Pick me! I love this app!

Da will auch gerne mitmachen.

I’d like to become a beta tester. I’ve been using this app for a couple of years and have a pro account. I have also worked as an Apple Technician for 4 years

Hi love to be one. Been using this for literally 4-5 years now, consistently.

Hi, I would love to become a beta tester

Hi, same here I also want to become a tester :blush:

I also accept the beta program. Please add me.

Würde auch gerne mitmachen :v:t2:


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I would like to become a beta tester

Looking forward to helping improve the app

Ich möchte auch die Beta Version testen.

I’d love to be in the Beta, used this app for ages and recommended to so many :+1:

Hey Janis,
I love the app and use it daily. Would like to be beta tester!

I would like to be a tester.

I would be happy to be a beta-tester. My e-mail is



Hey @jeliasberg please use the link supplied in the topic (

I would like to join the beta tester team.