Last time reps/weight question

(moch68) #1

I do three different full body workouts, going to failure for 8-10, 15, 20 reps. I rotate through these. My question is, is there a setting or any way to show more than the last weight and reps for an exercise? If I did 10 day yesterday and today is 15 day, it would be cool to see what I did on that exercise the last 15 day, instead of what I did yesterday on 10 day.

Thanks. Overall pretty cool app.

(zendog) #2

I have the issue: same exercise done differently - one day low rep/high weight, another day high rep/low weight. It would be great if the app could track the weight for each. Otherwise, great app!

(Jannis Hermanns) #3

Until we can show values not only from the last time, but the last times, you could use this little workaround: name the exercises slightly differently (e.g. “Bench press #highreps” and “Bench press #highweight”) but assign them to the same muscle group.

Would that help?