Lose data when moving to another exercise mid way through a first exercise

Hi there. First up, I like this app a lot and I appreciate the effort you put into it. I have v2.27.7 on an iPhone 7 running the latest iOS.

I usually do concurrent exercises, alternating sets. I believe this is called supersets. As such, I usually move in and out of exercises before all sets are complete. If the cursor is left in a rep or weight field, when I go back into that exercise, the data in that field with the cursor is erased. It’s a bit annoying to have input the data again, and sometimes I get confused about what stage I’m at in the exercises. I hope my explanation is clear enough.


Sorry for the late response, I oversaw this post. This would indeed be a bug, that shouldn’t happen. As a workaround, you can add a set or tap another field to make sure it’s saved.

Sorry for the trouble!