Lost Pro Access

My iPone pro app was flaking out.Inadvertantly increased the number of competed workouts, When I went to statistics got a long error message starting with something about stack 3. Anyway I deleted the app, reloaded it from the app store and it seems to be working fine and back to the correct database but I lost my Pro access. Tried restore purchase but there was nothing there. Even tried “Get Premium” like I wanted to purchase it, but the app store said it was unavailable in my country.

How can I get Pro restored?
No matter what I try, Iphone says app is not available in your country or regiion. I checked and my location is set to United States.

Ok, after two weeks it all of sudden allowed me to download Pro. I don’t know waht the problem was but I’m glad it’s fixed. I like the app and didn’t want to switch. I’ve got a 400 workout history.