My gym hero doesn’t remember my last workouts weights or reps on most of the exercises

(guysavelli1) #1

On most of my exercises. Some of the individual reps, either the number of reps, or more often the weight I was using, is not remembered and left blank.

(Jannis Hermanns) #2

Hey there, thanks for the screenshot! What do you mean with it’s left blank - that last time’s reps/weight doesn’t display (in grey under the set), or that you have to key in the value manually? If it’s the latter - how do you switch to the input fields? Do you tap them, or do you use the little arrow buttons on top of the keyboard?

(guysavelli1) #3

I typically imput the weight and reps by tapping the respective category and then typing in the value. It always records it. But the next time in go to the same workout to look at what I have done, to compare my current workout to my last workout so I can try to improve on it. Some of the data will be missing. Anywhere from a couple of entries to perhaps the entire exercises data will be erased and left blank. I hope I’m describing it correctly.
Thank you for looking into this. This has been happening for quite awhile. I thought I needed to upgrade my phone. Now I have and the glitch still continues.


(Jannis Hermanns) #4

Oh, so do I understand it correctly that during a workout, you open last time’s workout to compare the numbers?

(guysavelli1) #5

Yes. That is correct. When I open up a previously recorded workout. That’s when parts will be missing.

(Jannis Hermanns) #6

If you’re using Gym Hero Pro, you’ll see last time’s set right while you’re editing the workout. I think I still don’t understand 100% what your flow is, perhaps you could make a little screen recording with the phone?