Sort exercises within workout

Some of my workouts have so many exercises in them that it’s hard to find the ones I want. I know you can manually sort them but that will take forever with 100+ exercises. can we get an alphabetical sort, or even better, sort by most used?

Hmmm - why would you put 100+ exercises into a workout? Can you post a screenshot? I think I’m not understanding correctly. If you do a workout with 100+ exercises, how many days does it take to finish that workout? (probably almost as long as it took me to respond here, and that’s pretty long)

So the way I use workouts is not to actually do every single exercise in the workout. I’ll have “Chest day” as one with basically any chest exercise I would do, along with supporting exercises. Even if I only do incline chest (barbell) that day, I still want that workout to contain incline, decline, chest press, dumbbell workouts etc.

I rarely do the same exact set of exercises twice. My gym is very busy so it’s pretty often I need to change up my workout to avoid having to wait.

That I do too, but for me it’s more in the order of max 20 exercises in a workout, of which I do maybe 6 or 7. I haven’t seen anybody really put 100+ workouts there :scream:

I think adding a sort button there would add too much visual overhead/complication for something that I assume is an edge case. So some research is in order on how many exercises people store per workout, and how many are actually used :slight_smile: