Timer with prompt

Hello, I noticed that there is no way to activate a timer during workouts. The stopwatch is good for certain exercises but I don’t want to have to keep my eye on it between sets.

Is there a way to create an option to have the stopwatch buzz with an audio prompt at pre-set intervals ex. 30 seconds or 60 seconds or 90 seconds with an auto-stop? This would essentially create a timer within the stopwatch.

Thank you for reading.

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The nice thing about the current stopwatch is that it “keeps running” even if you close/kill the app or restart your phone. For timers with buzzers we couldn’t do this though.

But I like the idea! What would be more useful to you - a countdown with buzz (and stop) at zero or buzzing and resetting the timer every x seconds (and keep repeating)?

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I do appreciate that the current stopwatch survives in the background. Whether the time is running forwards or backwards doesn’t matter much to me, that could stay the same, all I need is a way of knowing that X amount of time has passed between sets.

To answer your question, ideally what I would like Is a timer that I adjust in the settings, to start upon swiping down (like it already works) counts down from 30 or 60 seconds (pre-determined from settings) and alerts me when timer is done. (Audio or buzz or both) then stop. I can repeat the process after my next set.

On top of that if the value of total time resting ex. 60 seconds could auto populate on the tracking screen after timer (10 reps of 50lbs “rest 60”) we would be able to use this information to better control the duration of our workouts.

Thank you for reading

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I’ll have a look how we can do this, I really like the idea! Thank you!