Version 2.22 released

Hey all,

it’s only been a week, but here’s the next update! We present to you, version 2.22 which is mostly a bugfix release :tada:

Broken stuff that works again

  • fixes bug where when adding an exercise it looked like another exercise got overwritten
  • fixes the bug where sometimes the Runkeeper login didn’t work

If you still encounter these or any other bug, please contact us here and we’ll help you right away! Apart from the bug fixes, this update brings a bunch of improvements as well:


  • Brings back old stopwatch behaviour where it always automatically starts running when you open it
  • Streamlines the sharing options: instead of integrating code from other companies like facebook, twitter and instagram that helps share workouts to social networks we use the sharing methods from iOS. This way these companies can’t collect your Gym Hero usage data.
  • Improved Runkeeper connection

Thanks for reading, thanks for updating and thanks for using the app! And remember that we’re always here to answer your questions and help out.

@jbo & @jannis