7 minute workout training plan

I purchased the 7 min workout and was excited to have a variety of workouts to do and I was very disappointed to find out it is 60 days of the EXACT same workout. Definitely feeling ripped off. Is it supposed to be this way? Is there anyway to get a refund so I can purchase a different plan? I have been very satisfied with the beach body plan and had high hopes for this one. Now I am hesitant to continite buying anymore blindly without being able to see what the workouts will be.

Hey @bethflo, sorry you didn’t like the plan - let me know which one you prefer and I’ll unlock that one for you!

Edit: @jbo is the master of the plans and will be able to answer your other questions! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! It seems like the ultimate fat burner may be what I am looking for… can you add that to my account instead?

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Hey @bethflo! Sorry to hear that you didn’t like the plan. It is aiming at beginners, who don’t have much time to work out plus are not used to train routines with a lot of different exercises. That why it is relatively simple. Maybe we should point that out in the description.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions! Of course we could add another 7 minutes workout for advanced athletes that is more challenging. What do you think?

Edit: We added the Ultimate Fat Burner plan to your account!

I think that is a GREAT idea!

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