Add Apple Watch App

Hey guys can we get it!?


Yeah! In 2019 though :slight_smile:

Great news I want to be able to leave a distracting phone at home and just take my watch. Any idea of when in 2019?

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Any progress with Apple Watch support?

Left my phone at home, had my watch and had to guess what weights to do. Apple Watch version would be great :+1:t3:

unfortunately moved to a different app, cause still no apple watch App, 500 Exercises lost, sad

:cry: we’re on it

Do you have any idea when the Apple Watch App will be released? I’ve been using a different App (SmartGym) while waiting for Gym Hero’s watch app. Also, is it possible to get notified when it is released? I probably only check every other month so getting notified would be great.

Thanks in advance.

I would even be happy with an update. . . . .

A Watch app would be great, as long as it’s actually useful.