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Why tf can’t I put decimals on kilos? Seriously? (8)
Add apple watch support (1)
Body weight tracking (1)
Add support for supersets (4)
Muscle exercice track on place (1)
Ability to share workout stats with friends/trainer (3)
Multiple Muscle Groups Associated with an Exercise (4)
Preference to reverse reps and weight (2)
Cardio tracking (1)
Rest timer? (5)
Übungsmanager verbessern (1)
Option to record the latest bodyweight (for exercises with added weights) (1)
Add Apple Watch App (3)
Kettlebell Workouts (2)
The option Pause Workout (4)
Notes from last exercise (1)
Detailed Leg Statistics (2)
More detailed statistics (2)
Warm-up calculator (1)
More Muscle-Groups (2)
"Last time" history expansion (7)