Why tf can’t I put decimals on kilos? Seriously?

(oscarmagnusson) #1

Why can’t I put decimals on kilos?

(rjboukens) #2

I used to be able.
Now i can’t either.

(Jannis Hermanns) #3

Hey @rjboukens, it looks like this bug: [fixed] Can't enter decimals in weight field

We have fixed it for most users, but there appears to be a combination of “region settings” in iOS and the keyboard language you currently have active. Can you tell us

  1. which region your phone is set to (Settings -> General -> Language & Region)
  2. which language your phone is set to (same location)
  3. which language your current keyboard has

And for 1-3, it would help if you could let us know what the decimal sign is in that region/language (e.g. a . or a ,).

Sorry for the bug, and thanks for your help solving it :rocket:

(rjboukens) #4

The region is the Netherlands.
Keyboard setting is Dutch
We use a comma , for numerical separation

(Jannis Hermanns) #5

@rjboukens thanks! We’ll have a look ASAP (keep in mind that we’re just two guys running this in our spare time next to day jobs and family) and will push a beta version with a fix. You can get the beta version here: https://gymhero.me/community/c/bugs

Sorry again, mate!

(bamsnl) #6

Same problem here, would be great if this can be fixed as I’m currently literally doing every exercise with weights that have a decimal. 7,5 / 12,5 etc.

Region is The Netherlands as well.

(fedoseev) #7

Same problem in Russian region and language

(jb-gericke) #8

I can confirm this is happening to me since updating a while back. Region South Africa, IOS 12.2