Known Bugs

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[fixed] Can't enter decimals in weight field (10)
[open] Statistics show Error: “Invalid type in JSON write (_NSDate)” (14)
[open] set is added when returning from timer (2)
[fixed] Can't post to runkeeper (12)
[fixed] App sometimes crashes when entering reps/weight (7)
[fixed] Exercise notes garbled (3)
[fixed] Can't upload images in forum (2)
[fixed] Syncing plan purchases from free to pro app not working (4)
[fixed] Apple Health sync hangs (2)
[fixed] error pop up when changing email/password (2)
[fixed] Timer is not displayed properly (1)
[open] Calories burned number changes after workout is completed (4)
[fixed] Statistics just say "Loading workouts" (2)
[fixed] Timer is not automatically starting (6)