[fixed] Can't enter decimals in weight field

If you have trouble entering weights like 2.5 (or in other languages 2,5), can you please

  1. share a screenshot of your keyboard here
  2. tell us what language your phone is set to
  3. which keyboard language you have active

Thanks! :slight_smile:

  1. You can find a screen shot here: https://i.imgur.com/5XMiuyy.jpg.
  2. Danish.
  3. Danish and English - but I’m not why that matter since I can’t toggle the languages when in the app?

By the way, by stating “Why fix it if i ain’t broken?” I was referring to the decimal problem - it worked before, but doesn’t work now, so why change it? I’m well aware that other parts of the app isn’t/wasn’t working, but the decimal was - before the update,

Hidiho, we found the bug and are preparing a beta version that fixes it. If you would like to become a beta testers, you can join here.

Beta version was supplied a few days ago, you can give feedback in this thread https://gymhero.me/community/t/beta-2-26-2-released/3613 (only available to beta testers - if you want to become one, see the link in the post above)

Have you found a solution regarding the decimal issue…? It’s really frustrating! Now the damn app won’t even allow me to copy/paste other recorded workouts with a decimal…

I asked to become a beta tester, but never heard anything?

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Hey @flophousedk, you can just sign up for the beta, no asking needed. See this thread: How do I become a beta tester?

Version 2.26 was releaed and fixes this bug.

According to my phone, I believe I have the updated version installed: 2.26 - or 2.26.2, it seems.
However, I still can’t press the decimal button…

Any progress with that decimal issue?

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Language is English South Africa
Keyboard is English United Kingdom

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thanks @bryank, this helps us figure it out

Keyboard and language is English UK. Decimals revert to 0