[BUG] cant put decimal on the weight after update to v2.26

(tomhasuki) #1

Hi there, @jannis
just let you guys know,
the apps works perfectly before the new update, then i updated it to the newest one 2.26 (2.26.6),
because it said it got some bugs fixed , but sadly i experience otherwise

1.after update to the new gym hero, the apps doesnt working on IOS 9 - so i need to do the IOS update
2. after the IOS update [ IOS 12.1] , its now working but it wont allowed me to put decimal on the weight, and everytime i try… it automatically convert the number to 0

hope you guys can figure things out n improve your apps to be better.

(mbartmann) #2

I have the same problem. Some more details can be found here https://gymhero.me/community/t/beta-2-26-2-released/3613/2

(Jannis Hermanns) #3

Yeah - odd, the fix for the decimals doesn’t appear to have solved all cases. I’m working on it right now!