Possibility to keep the entered weights to the workout instead to the exercise/movement

Possibility to keep/save the entered weights to the workout instead to the movement.

Really annoying if you create x workouts but only have 1 movement exercise

implement it as option to select if you want it or not

Hey Fabian, thanks for your input! I don’t fully understand what you mean though :thinking: Can you elaborate?

Hi Jannis,

Not Fabian here, but he means if you do the same exercise on multiple days, but you have varying reps and weights on the exercise on different days, it will always auto-fill your most recent lift numbers onto the exercise the next time you do it.

For example, on the program I’m running I bench on Tuesdays and Saturdays and each set typically uses a different weight.

Tuesday reps per set: 8,6,4,4,4,5,6,7,8+
Saturday reps per set: 5,3,1+,3,5,3,5,3,5+

The way the app is currently structured, after finishing my Saturday workout, the next time I bench on Tuesday will use my Saturday sets, reps, and weights to auto-populate instead of my previous Tuesday’s figures.

@mizzourah thanks for jumping in! Got it! What I usually do in this case is give the name a variation (e.g. Pull-Ups (slow) vs. Pull-Ups (explosive)). Would that help, @fkienzler?

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