Preference to reverse reps and weight

As I’m entering my sets, I would like an option to reverse the display of reps and weight. I often want to record my weight and then when I’m done, record my reps.

I also do not unterstand why this was changed.
First put in the weight than the reps. There is no real reason why that is made different.

In every case you put on the wheight first and track the achived
reps next.

In so many cases I put in the reps and exit the exercise just to get a missing wheight in there and in the end there is 0kg on the statistics after this change.

who wants to change the wheight after you entered the reps?!? The wheight has to be on the bar in the first place and in this order the tracking has to be done.

please change that back like it was first.

You’re totally right, it makes a lot more sense the other way around :thinking: It’s always been like this (admittedly awkward) way around in Gym Hero though. @jbo what do you think? They have a point, right?

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