App wont open after the new update 2.26 - IOS 9.3- Iphone6s

i really like to use this apps to track my workuot, but today i just update it to 2.26 version and now it stuck on splash screen…is it because my IOS version? or what?

would like some help here so i can use this again or sadly may be i need to delete the apps :frowning:
Thanks for the help

Hey @tomhasuki, oh no - that shouldn’t be the case. What iOS version are you using? Do you remember which version of Gym Hero you had before the update?

hi @jannis Thanks for the respons, im using IOS 9.3.5 on iphone 6s.
to be honest, i dont quite remember which version that i had before…i think it was the one before this one perhaps

Hey @tomhasuki, it’s the iOS version. We can’t support iOS9 anymore :frowning:

Hi @jannis

I am having this same issue with my app. I just updated it today and it stays stuck in the dumbell screen but won’t open past this. I have the Pro version and used it yesterday to log my workout without any issues.

I am running on iOS version 10.2.1. Can you please let me know if this version is still supported by the app?


Hey @xangelinax, :scream: oh no, that’s horrible - we are sorry. Yeah, as far as I know, that iOS version should work just fine. Would you be interested in trying a beta version? How do I become a beta tester?

Hey @jannis,

I updated my iOS last night to 12 and the app is working just fine. I think it might have been a glitch!

I’ve been reporting this exact same bug (app freezes on splash screen at launch) for 5 months now and have come to the conclusion that no fxxx are given (I’m bitchin despite being a software developer myself… because 5 months of 放置 is just too long).
I’ve enjoyed using the Pro app for about 2 years but for the last 5 months it’s back to pen and paper…

I’ve signed up for the beta so let’s see if you can fix this. I’m more than happy to help.

Also please consider adding a web browser based workout data entry page because relying on the app alone is just not ‘smart’. My view is that you are providing a service and so it should (ideally) be accessible from any platform/environment and not break when one of the access points has issues.

Also just had an idea… why not build the app to be a single page javascript based web app where the app lauches a stable browser environment and the user can then choose which version of the app to load.

Hey @ren-fitness, it’s not so much that we don’t give fucks (WE CAN SWEAR HERE :clown_face:). It’s just that this is a side project. Which version of iOS is this happening on?

About the web browser: you can use on your phone. We’re working on making it fun to use on mobile (mostly for the android people, because we won’t be able to work on a native Android version any time soon).

Thanks for signing up for the beta - we hopefully have one for you to test soon. Stay with us :slight_smile: