App wont open after the new update 2.26 - IOS 9.3- Iphone6s

(tomhasuki) #1

i really like to use this apps to track my workuot, but today i just update it to 2.26 version and now it stuck on splash screen…is it because my IOS version? or what?

would like some help here so i can use this again or sadly may be i need to delete the apps :frowning:
Thanks for the help

(Jannis Hermanns) #2

Hey @tomhasuki, oh no - that shouldn’t be the case. What iOS version are you using? Do you remember which version of Gym Hero you had before the update?

(tomhasuki) #3

hi @jannis Thanks for the respons, im using IOS 9.3.5 on iphone 6s.
to be honest, i dont quite remember which version that i had before…i think it was the one before this one perhaps

(Jannis Hermanns) #4

Hey @tomhasuki, it’s the iOS version. We can’t support iOS9 anymore :frowning: