[fixed] Can't post to runkeeper

I get this Errormessage since a few days. Last pist to runkeeper was 17th november. Unlinked connection between rk and gymhero, linked it again same error.

Some tips or workaroubd?


Hey @aran, hmm, that’s odd - would you like to become a beta tester so we can investigate further? Do the workouts that won’t sync to runkeeper show up on your profile? https://gymhero.me/@aran

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yes the workouts are on my gymhero profile.
No problem to become a beta tester. It is a great app.

Greatings Marc

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Hi - I have the same issue with ver2.22 … haven’t been able to post workout to Runkeeper since this version. Thanks.

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We’ll have a look into it, thanks @aran and @lee for reporting!

Noticed non of my workouts are posting to Runkeeper!?!

@carlstokes yeah we’re getting a bunch of these reports, it might be the 3rd party interface of Runkeeper (it’s called healthgraph), which hasn’t been updated in years. To me it feels, like they’re shutting it down soon.

More likely though, it’s a problem on our side that we’ll have to fix.

Sorry for that, we’ll ping you here once we have news!

Sorry for necroing, but: Any news om this? I still have the same trouble. Cheers?

Hey @vhicta, no no, we are the ones who have to be sorry! We didn’t get around to look at the Runkeeper Integration yet.

We have an annoying crasher to fix (see App closing unexpected when entering reps/weight), and then Runkeeper will be next. Then, all the workouts that did not sync to Runkeeper will automatically sync (cc @carlstokes)

Hi there, new user here, happy with the app! Got it because of the integration with Runkeeper, and it isn’t working for me either. So here’s another fan cheering you on to fix it soon

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Same … not posting to RunKeeper. iPhone 7, iOS 12.0.1, app Pro v2.24.15

On the Sharing Settings screen, can’t toggle off Auto post to runkeeper and Public gymhero.me homepage

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Fixed in 2.25