Version 2.25 released

Excuse me Mam/Sir, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and…

… I mean about our last update? The horrible one that crashed all the time when adding sets? Well here’s the update we promised. Changes in this version:

  • the crashes are fixed, I repeat, the crashes are fixed, you can go back to your workouts!
  • interface for logging sets completely rewritten (for speed and stability)
  • fix runkeeper sync (please log out and in again)
  • fixes the purchase button for plans
  • fixes the “suggest a feature” function in the app

Please give it a go, and if this update is better than the last, we’d love to get your review in the app store. We had to take a good (and well deserved) beating there in the last weeks, and would love some love :slight_smile:

A big thank you goes out to @neuromancer and @maxbrandl as well as the 350 other beta testers for relentlessly testing the beta versions and being an awesome crew :100::fire::fist_right::fist_left:


How do I get the update for GH Pro? I am new to this community but using app for 6 months

Hi! Am I understanding correctly that a new version of Gym Hero is available? Or is the reference to a beta? Very exciting!

Hey @hammrhd and @jeliasberg! The update should display in the normal App Store :slight_smile:

Only in TestFlight for me, not App Store. UK

That’s odd - still nothing?

Didn’t show in my automatic updates, but on searching for the app in the App Store and opening it, it then registered there’s an update due, so likely an apple issue

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Hello Gymhero,

I installed Version 2.25. For so far the crashes are gone! Thank you!


Unfortunately I cannot insert [ , ]
Weight of 0,5 or 0,25 is not possible! Only whole numbers…

Please fix it

Hey @cpchoi how come you can’t? What happens? It looks like this for me:

Can you share a screenshot of how it looks for you?

Hi die statistiken gehen immer noch nicht!!
Bitte beheben danke

Hey Jannis,

I don’t know, I got [ . ] instead of [ , ]

I can not click on it.

And I have KGs, not LBS


@jannis :raised_hand:t3: Same app store behaviour here as described by @grangey. Had to search manually, then it »recognized« there‘s an update available.

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Crashes are really gone. :+1:t2:
Now please fix the timer so that it stops jumping into the next row everytime you set it.

@Slayer. The statistics are working just fine.

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Thanks for all your hard work for updating version 2.25…no more crashes!

For some reason, I still can’t get Statistics to load and get an error message for Statistics:

Error: “Invalid type in JSON write (_NSDate)”

Is anyone else getting this message?

I’m using iPhone 6, iOS 12.1

Yes a new version is available in the app-Store. Version 2.25.22.

I have been using this version in the beta mode for the last two workouts and it was perfect, I did not have a single crash or any issue whatsoever.

Thank you so much for listening to all our feedback and finding a fix for the issue! I have been using GymHero for 3 years and perserved through the recent issues as I this is the best gym app I have ever used and I don’t plan on changing anytime soon :slight_smile:

P.S. Love the new feature that shows the weights you’ve lifted for the last few workouts with the dates

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Is there already a solution?

@cpchoi Just did a quick experiment on this:

Could it be that you‘ve set your (first or only) keyboard layout to »English (U.S.)«?

I just did so (switching from german layout) – and voilà, that gives me the dot instead of the comma, no matter if GH is set to lb or kg.

Plus, I cannot enter that dot.

Just an idea / workaround: Add »German« as a (second) keyboard in iPhone Settings -> General -> Keyboard and you should get back the comma.

cc @jannis

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Thanks for this release, stability is much appreciated :grin:

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@maxbrandl How do you toggle between the different keyboards when already “inside” the “window” where you have to state the number of reps and weights?

I have the “dot”, not the “comma” - but I can’t even press the button - there’s no button - it’s just grey like show above in the picture - not white like all the numbers.

I have English and Danish keyboards installed on my phone already.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

@flophousedk I’m not sure if this works for everybody, but just try to add the german keyboard layout in your iPhone settings as a second or third keyboard.
From there, you shouldn’t have to do anything like switching between different keyboards while using GH – the comma button should be there now. (It was at least in my case.)

Hope that helps?