How to import workouts

Hi there,

I built a lot of workouts out in the app and now I want to share them with my husband so that he doesn’t have to re-enter all the workouts. How do I go about doing that? We both have the pro version of the app.

Thank you!

Aloha! You can’t bulk-share workouts, but you can share them one by one. I created an FAQ post for you: How do I share and import workouts (from other people)

Let us know if that works out for you :slight_smile:

Thanks very much! We couldn’t get it to work unfortunately. When my husband clicked the link, GymHeroPro would open but no import option was prompted or available. We tried copying the link to Safari, to force it to a browser and select Open for GymHeroPro from the browser but that didn’t work either. No worries, he has just been building out his own workouts as we progress through the workouts.