How to transfer to pro?

I bought Gym Hero way back in 2013 before the “pro” edition existed. I upgraded the vanilla version fully which I believe contains the same features as the pro version. Is there a way to transfer my account to the pro version without buying the app again?

Additionally, I opted into the beta program over the last month while the issues with iOS 12 were ironed out (working great now!). Unfortunately, my workouts from the beta haven’t synced to my vanilla app. Is there a way to force a sync?

Hey @dpignot2, thanks for sticking around with Gym Hero for so many years :muscle: Good job!

I can see in your account that you unlocked the “unlimited” version back in the day, so your Gym Hero free version should be exactly as the pro version. That is, if you’re logged in as dpignot2 in all your apps. Everything should sync just fine between the apps (doesn’t matter how many app versions you use, or on how many devices you install the app).

If you go to Settings and tap the sync in the upper right corner, does that fix it? :thinking: If not: do you see the “missing” workouts from the beta app on

You can also check out our FAQ How do I transfer my data from the free to the pro app?

That did the trick! Thanks!