How do I transfer my data from the free to the pro app?

(Jannis Hermanns) #1

You’ve purchased Gym Hero Pro and wonder how to get your workouts over to pro from the free app? The solution is easy:

Sign in with the same username in both apps.

Then, the following data will sync between all devices where you are logged in with your username:

  • your exercise library (including muscle group assignment)
  • your workouts
  • workout routines you have purchased
  • your progress in workout routines
  • your preferences
  • your statistics

The following will not sync:

  • your progress pics

Since almost nobody seems to be taking progress pics in the app, though, we didn’t get around to implementing a picture sync feature yet (the workaround is to just save them in your phone’s photo library).

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Something’s not syncing to the pro app? Please try these steps:

  1. Make sure you’re signed in in the free app (top right icon on the start screen)
  2. Make sure you’re signed in with the same username in the pro app
  3. Open the free app, go to upgrades and tap Restore purchases. I know it sounds weird to do this in the free app, but this is correct.
  4. Still in the free app, go to settings and tap sync.
  5. Open the pro app, go to settings and tap sync.
  6. Your stuff (see above) has synced :tada:

If this still doesn’t solve your problems, please drop us a note here and we’ll figure it out together!

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(johan-rudolphie) #2


My data is not transferring from free to pro. I have done like you posted earlier. Hmm please help.


(Jannis Hermanns) #3

Hey @johan-rudolphie can you tell us what is not transferring? Workouts or settings or plans or purchases? Or none of that?

(johan-rudolphie) #4

Nothing actually. Number of workouts are zero and no other stats are transferred. I have the same username and password on both.

(johan-rudolphie) #5

I really appreciate you taking the time for this.

(Jannis Hermanns) #6

@johan-rudolphie you got it :facepunch:t2:

So on your profile it seems that all your workouts from the free app are syncing correctly. The question is now: why don’t they make their way to the pro app? Since it’s empty anyways (right?), can you try reinstalling it to make double sure the login there worked? Sorry for the troubles :frowning:

(johan-rudolphie) #7

Sure. I have tried it on both. And ended up with two empty apps! I’ll try it again.

(johan-rudolphie) #8

Reinstalled the app but still nothing. Strange because when I check on my account (with the same username and password) on fitty the workouts are there.

(johan-rudolphie) #9

Hey!!! It’s now up and running! Thanks for your help.

(jose-pedro) #10

I have also tried all steps as described above, unfortunately I can not get my two purchased training plans in the Pro version.
Please help to smooth this out.

Also at… I can’t see my purchased Trainings-plans!

Thank you!

(Jannis Hermanns) #11

Hey @jose-pedro, we’ve fixed this bug - can you try if your plans show up, and if they don’t can you try following the instructions here and let us know how that went? Thanks!

(andrea72) #12

Hey I can’t put my plan in the pro version, the app crash all the time
can you help me?

(Jannik) #13

Hi @andrea72

Can you please create an account in the free version and log into pro afterwards. That should sync the purchased plan from free to pro.

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(B Phoenix Adler) #14

I just purchased the pro version, and i know this seems silly cause its so few, but only six of my 9 workouts have synched. I’ve followed the steps indicated several times and those three workouts are still missing. Please let me know if there is something i need to do to help them sync.
Thank you

(Jannik) #15

Hi @b-phoenix-adler ! Please go back to the free version, open the settings and hit ‘sync’ in the upper right corner again. Afterwards open pro and do the same.

Did that help?

(B Phoenix Adler) #16

I did thar several times and eventualy i gave up. Ive deleted the old free app bc i dont hsve space for both on my phone. Nee year anyways. Thanx

(Jannik) #17

Hmm, hopefully the workouts got synced before deleting the free version. If not, do you remember 3 missing workouts so you could re-enter them? You can change time and date to put them in the right order in your workout history.