"Last time" history expansion

Please add the ability to increase the “last time” workout info from 1 to 2 or 3, and perhaps include a personal best. Exactly what you want shown could be selectable in Settings. This would help on those cases when on your last workout you needed to drop down some weight or sets due to some reason such as going light due to injury, being tired or having skipped a week or so. For example, if todays workout date is Nov 27th:

Set 1: 12 reps of 155lb (in light grey, defaults to last time rep count and weight)
Nov 25: 12 reps of 155lb
Nov 15: 12 reps of 170lb
Nov 13: 12 reps of 160lb
Personal best: 12 reps of 180lb

Personal best would be determined based on weight, not reps.

This would allow you to gauge where you were at and understand your recent progress at a glance, in the exercise log, without having to go back into your Completed workout history.

Either this, or have another quick method of viewing a particular “Exercise history” without needing to exit the Exercise log. For example, beside the info button on the exercise log, have a history button to press to bring up those records so you can see as far back as you want showing date, reps, weight.


@sierra-six fantastic idea! Any ideas on how this could be solved visually? I.e. should it be visible immediately, or expand after a tab? :thinking:

Good question. I typically use 4-5 lines of the exercise log, leaving me 8-9 left on my iPhone screen which may be plenty of space for adding the extra lines. However I imagine plenty of people use smaller phones and may therefore prefer the ability to expand to see the info.

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Very good point! I am agreeing that the featers is needed :slight_smile:

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@sierra-six Working on it as we speak!

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This feature would be amazing. I went on a hiatus for a year and am now getting back into working out. I keep having to guess and check which workout had my personal record so I can stay on track to work myself back up. Having to switch back and forth between completed workouts and planned workouts is a bit of a hassle. Hope this is still in the works!

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