More detailed statistics

Hi, really like the app so far, just wanted to know whether it would be possible to implement a bit more precise statistics as right now it only shows the amount of reps per muscle group.

Ideally you would be able to see the reps + weight per exercise either on a time graph (e.g. last 14 days as is) or just every time you did a certain exercise in sequence (e.g. Exercise: Alternating Hammer Curls, 26.10.2018 20 x 20 kg, 28.10.2018 20 x 21.5 kg etc) to have a nice progress graph.

Thanks for taking into consideration!

PS: The “Suggest a feature” tab in the app doesn’t work (“This UserVoice instance is no longer available.”)

*edited by @jannis, original topic was “Statistics Tab: Progress for individual muscle groups”


Thank you for the heads up! In response, I’ve created the new Feature Requests category which will open when you tap “Suggest a feature” in the app. And I’ve taken the liberty to edit the topic of your post and moved it to that new category.

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