Rest timer?

Hello! How about having the chance to select between a timer and the stopwatch when swiping down during the workout?! Maybe with an opportunity to select in my settings how long the timer runs


Hey David! Not a bad idea! To understand a bit better how you plan to use the feature:

  • Would that mean there should also be some kind of buzzer going off when the timer is at zero?
  • Would this have to work even when the app is in the background?
  • Are you more thinking of a rest timer or a interval timer that just alerts you again and again when it’s at zero?

Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated :muscle:

Yes a buzzer and background compatibility would be great! I was thinking of an rest timer. At the moment I have to switch from gym hero and the iOS timer between my workout sets.
Hopefully you unterstand what I mean, my English isn’t the best.

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Understood perfectly! Thanks!

Yes this is exactly what I’m looking for also. I used to be on Android and used an app called Fit Notes which has exactly this. You set a rest timer and it automatically started after each set input. It would beep once it finished so you didn’t need to look at your phone.

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