Saving my workouts and progress in cloud

Hi Jannis,

what would I need to do to save my data (workouts, progress) in the cloud of Gymhero.
I’m using yn iphone (6s) and GymheroPro.
How do I need to make the settings?

Thank you


As far as I know you just have to login to the app with your account and then this will happen automatically.

@mcclimb exactly what @nickalexej said :slight_smile: Just log in with the app (or create an account in the app) and your data will sync to our cloud as well as your other devices that might use the same username. This is free of charge.

Thanks for helping @nickalexej!

Thank you @nickalexej,
Thank you Jannis,

I’ll test it.

? The app is not available for PC / Windows or MacOS ?

It’s available for windows/macOS in the form of the website - you can log in with the same account as in the app, and it’s as practical to use as the iOS app. We even tried to make it fun to use on smaller devices like android phones, although @basketjammer would disagree :smirk: