Version 2.24 released


(daniel-93) #61

I haven’t had any issues until today, when I created a new workout. Occasionally now when I go to update an exercise from the list of exercises the app will not pull up the keyboard and after a few seconds it will crash. If I back out of the particular exercise it will also crash. I don’t have a ton of workout templates saved, maybe 7-8, but possibly creating the new one has something to do with it. I also have around 220 workouts logged. Although the statistics were working a couple weeks ago, they are now no longer working. It says “invalid type in JSON write (_NSDATE)”. If it crashes on my old workout template I’ll update this.

(ramona) #62

Ich habe ebenfalls diese Probleme seit dem neuen Update von iOS 12.

(Michael Dobson) #63

It crashes for me when I’m doing one of my workouts and I add in new stats and weights

(grover75) #64

Yes I am having the same issue crashing in the middle of entering workout data

(shabankarumba) #65

Hi, the app keeps crashing on iOS 12 when ever I’m filling in workout data such as exercise reps, sets and the main workout screen. Can I please have access to the beta, please?

(ejk19877) #66

This app is horrible paid for the pro and bothing but crashed for over a year yet u keep promising it will get fixed… ill go elsewhere thx

(iain293) #67

When moving from entering reps to weight amount the keyboard fails to display and app crashes.

(ramona) #68

Die Probleme treten auf, wenn ich zum Beispiel Änderungen beim Eintragen vornehmen möchte. Oder nach der Eingabe neuer Übungen beim Eintragen der Wiederholungszahlen. Die Tastatur wird nicht angezeigt und dann wird das Programm einfach ausgeschaltet. Das passiert immer wieder und ist sehr nervig.

(mfaesq860) #69

Crashes constantly. Can barely use it.

(spadya) #70

I have an iPhone SE with iOS 12 and it crashes often when using the timer, when returning from lock screen, when typing in rep and weight numbers. At least 10 times during 1 hour workout. Seems to be way worse since thr update.

(hgr) #71

I also have issues with the app. It’s crashing on almost every part. While writing new exercises, while go back and forth threw the app itself and so on…

(grangey) #72

Using latest beta, still getting crashes on every aspect of the app. Also please ensure the beta is not how the final version will be, timer needs to be accessible WITHIN each exercise like it has been, currently it’s only accessible by going out of the exercise.

(laurenmbouton) #73

I have an iPhone 8 — it crashes for me when I add a new exercise to my workout routine. Or sometimes when I try to change my reps from what it had auto input from last time.

(Wyndi Avery) #74

Typically every workout in the middle of it. It starts by not letting me add my reps, freezes then crashes

(aaandy) #75

iPhone X user: anytime I try to delete a set, I’d have to complete back out of the exercise and reopen it. If I made more then one change, the navigation buttons and the numpad disappear when selecting another set/rep. You can avoid crashes completely if you back out of the exercise quick enough but will eventually crash if you just leave the screen open with the navigation buttons/numpad missing. I’ve been using this app for years, looking forward to a fix!

(gymphil) #76

iPhone 6s: The App crashes frequently when I start the timer betwenn the sets or I want to type in my weights. First it freezes, then it crashes.

(stevoo) #77

App freezes occasionally (but no data-loss) and auto-fill does not fill in last work out correctly.
The other problems mentioned in this thread do not occur on my phone (iOS 12.0.1 - iPhone 8 Plus)

(dan13290) #78

My App Crashes on my iPhone 7 with iOS 12 everytime when I tip the weights in. Then the App is frozen and when I close the App and restart it, it is still frozen.

Best regards Dan

(gash65) #79

I downloaded the Beta version. It had more problems than the basic version and wouldn’t allow me to post feedback. So I deleted the app and went back to using the basic.

(Jannis Hermanns) #80

Hey @gash65, I added you to the beta tester group here in the forum manually (we can only match if the apple id you used for the beta version is the same as the email you use to log in with Gym Hero).

You’re the first to report crashes with the beta version - do you still know which version you used exactly, and whether or not you had the new beta interface activated inside the beta version (or did everything look as normal?)