Version 2.24 released


(Jannis Hermanns) #1
  • iOS 12 compatibility
  • fix: some workouts could not be synced to healthkit
  • fix: some workouts were not ordered chronologically
  • fix: share button now larger than 2 pixels
  • fix: crashes for some users when restoring purchases
  • fix: syncing purchased plans from free to pro works again
  • update 1/2 to improve the crashers when entering sets… stay tuned, another one will follow!
  • GDPR improvements (I know, right??)

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[fixed] Apple Health sync hangs
[fixed] Syncing plan purchases from free to pro app not working
App Freezes when using the timer
(Jannis Hermanns) #2

It seems like either this release on iOS12 has a lot of crashers (next to the broken exercise notes). If you’re affected, can you leave a response here and describe when this bug happens typically? For example, only when you use the timer, or only for people with a lot of workouts?

If you’re affected, you can join the beta tester team to get quick updates.

Apologies for the problem, let’s fix it together :muscle:

[fixed] error pop up when changing email/password
[fixed] App sometimes crashes when entering reps/weight
What s up with the glitches?
(Kevin Lord) #3


The app crashes for me on a daily basis. I have an iPhone7 not a plus. Running iOS12. I shut my screen off when I put my phone in my pocket during a set. When I turn the screen back on to log my weight lifted it will often freeze. I notice it has something to do with the keyboard. I am currently using the stock apple keyboard English. The keyboard number pad is blank when it freezes. I restart the app and tap to scheduled workouts to pick up where I left off.

(zickbölz) #4

The App seems to change working. If I save a training it will freeze but I can go back. I cannot update runkeeper anymore since one week. I have iOS 12 and iphone8.

(steigerj) #5

Updated to IOS 12 yesterday. App crashed about 5 times/ I was doing 4 exercises with 4 sets each. I would put my phone in my pocket during sets. I also would use browser in between sets (less than 90 seconds). I would already have the weight entered before putting in pocket. When I went to enter reps afterwards it would not accept and eventually lock up. Same pattern every time. If I didn’t tab out of the weight field the weight would not be saved.

(Nicholas Halsall) #6

I have the same problem as this. It seems to be a problem when unlocking the phone or sometimes when flicking between other apps. You have to wait for the app to crash and then pick up where you left off. So frustrating because otherwise it’s brilliant.

(Brian Mott) #7

I’m also getting a lot of crashes. Typically when switching between apps. 12.0 here.

(daveh03) #8

I have been experiencing a bug where the app will freeze and crash multiple times during a workout when entering set and rep counts. The app will stop working entirely and crash. When reopened, it will go to the Planned Workout page with the workout I am currently on. Some days it’s almost unusable.

(trisomeyr) #9

Same Here. Notes ar Not Working anymore! App crashes when was Running in background and is Used in foreground again. It also seems that exercises with broken notes do Not correctly Sync with the webinterface.

(dannymitrovic) #10

Crashes randomly. Either locks up and unable to move to next set to enter weights or the keypad is missing. I’ve tried to leave app open and not switch or close it but it made no difference.

Edit: it just happened. Unable to move to next set. It seems like it was trying to send data the data symbol was just spinning for over a minute

(vekkish) #11

App will let me enter the number of reps but when I try to enter the amount of weight there is no number keyboard appearing for a few seconds. Once the number keyboard appears for me to enter my weight amounts, the app crashes and shuts down completely

(Steve Adams) #12

Like most people here the app freezes when returning to enter set details, quiting the app and launching again returns me to where I left off thankfully, happens most days but not constant enough to figure out a pattern.

iPhone 8+ iOS 12, latest release of Gym Hero Pro

(spencerwaller) #13

Hi, always crashes for me when the timer is on. I dknt experience crashes at any other time.

(thomespommes) #14

I have these crashes during the clock or when I click to fast any button

(stevehannam) #15

Whilst using the timer and sometimes just when I go to enter the weight after my reps.

(amanda00) #16

My app crashes on a regular basis while imputing new reps.

(bdann25) #17

I have 500+ workouts saved and use this app daily. Every time I use the stop watch or input workouts really quick the app seems to fail.

(Arlen Celinscak) #18

Used my app this morning and it still crashes

(pwt75) #19

Yep. Unfortunately I am having the same issues. Crashing on average 3-4 times in a session.

(gash65) #20

It’s not been crashing that badly for me. However the upload data link to Runkeeper no longer works.
Plus I have to manually insert a finish time, as if I just push ‘finish’ the end time is a couple of days before the start time.
I’m also still getting the error message every time I launch the app.
I have an iPhone 5s using iOS 12.