Version 2.24 released


(seanfromtaiwan) #21

The app crashes for me on a daily basis. I have an iPhone7 not a plus. Running iOS12. I shut my screen off when I put my phone in my pocket during a set. When I turn the screen back on to log my weight lifted it will often freeze. I notice it has something to do with the keyboard. I am currently using the stock apple keyboard English. The keyboard number pad is blank when it freezes. I restart the app and tap to scheduled workouts to pick up where I left off.

Ditto that, right down to the phone model. Also freezing when using timer.

(Francesca Lauren Yumul) #22

When in use app always seems to crash when adding new data to a new exercise to my workout.

At times the keyboard to enter info go missing as well.

(frankmartin99) #23

My app is still relatively stable. So I’ve decided not to update to iOS 12 operating system until developers confirm whether the new release is an issue for this app and any bugs ironed out.

(Jannis Hermanns) #24

Hey all,


We have a lead now. We’re super sorry for this and hope to have a beta version ready for you to try soon (remember to head on over to the join the beta program thread if you would like to get beta versions).

(zendog) #25

same here - I have NOT yet upgraded iOS, I have not had any problems with the app … seems like it’s definitely related to newest version of iOS - I’m in no hurry to upgrade iOS, will wait until after I see an update for GymHero

(rrojas1016) #26

I am so happy there is a thread about this because every morning when I work out, the app crashes and I always tell myself I’ll reach out once I’m done but always forget. Everyday it crashes. Doesn’t save previous notes, screen freezes where I have to close the app and reopen it. Can’t wait for this app to be up to par because the potential is huge!!

(buzzsaw71) #27

This usually occurs while I’m adding a set or changing rep or weight numbers. The keyboard disappears and it then crashes.

(Brian Mott) #28

Actually seems to be happening more and more each day.

(cranky69) #29

Using 6S Plus with iOS 12 on the pro version of the app; app freezes regardless of what I am doing.

(mattyking001) #30

Mine at freezes randomly whilst using it and adding my sets. It freezes regularly while using the timer and trying to go back to input sets.

The only way to fix the problem is to exit the whole thing and reopen the app

Running iPhones 7 plus with up to date software iOS 12

(dannymitrovic) #31

First workout with no crash. Only difference is I didn’t change anything with workout. No change of exercises or changing order which I usually do

(andyf) #32

Crashing for me when I try to change order of exercises. It either freezes and then crashes, or just crashes

(andyf) #33

Forgot to say I’m running IOS12 on an iPhone XS max

(andyf) #34

Also when I hit “Finish” on a workout it’s not showing me the body parts I’ve worked image/graph, it just sits at the workout page. I have to back out of the workout and back in again to view.

(jsb) #35

My purchased workout plan disappeared and can’t be restored. App is therefore rendered useless. Iphone 7 ios 11.4.1

(Jannis Hermanns) #36

Hey @jsb, since you just confirmed your account when you made this post, can you open the app where you purchased the plan and try this: How do I transfer my data from the free to the pro app?

(or do you mean it disappeared without you switching from Gym Hero free to Gym Hero pro? I can see the purchased plan on your account - you should be good to go :thinking:)

(kendall) #37

This app crashes several times through a workout. Today I had to close it after every set and reopen for it to work. I have an iPhone 6s with the latest IOS.

(dpignot2) #38

App crashes frequently. Seems to be worse when switching between apps and when the timer is running. iphone 7+, ios12

(jsb) #39

hi jannis, thank you, I can access it again!

(jeliasberg) #40

The number pad (in which reps and weight are entered) alone with the arrows that allow for navigation among sets and weight will all disappear, and then the app will crash, disappearing from the screen and requiring a restart (of the app, not my phone). This happens several times during each workout. Frustrating. I use the app three times per week.