Version 2.24 released


(sbaetjer) #41

App crashes mainly when using timer and switch to exercise input/start screen. That’s all I do: go to an exercise, start exercise, use timer for breaks, go back.
Also app froze once on me when I just used the timer.

(chairflyer) #42

Like many here, app mostly crashes when using the timer function, however, due to the crashing, I stopped using the timer. At that point the app started crashing on each new set. I’m running an Iphone 6+ and this happened after the update

(Jannis Hermanns) #43

For everybody in this thread: we released a beta version with a potential fix :rainbow:

If you are not part of the beta tester group yet, you can

:arrow_right: sign up as beta tester here :arrow_left:

When you downloaded the beta version of the app, please ping me via DM so I can give you access to the beta version community thread.

(lali_93) #44

For me, the app usually crashes when I have been using another app on the side for too long and not gone back to Gym hero. Then when I return it restarts.

(vekkish) #45

Upgraded to the latest version and can no longer get my Statistics to show . I get an error message: “Invalid type in JSON write (_NSDate)”

I have logged 1013 workouts since Jan. 2013 and the previous version had no problems displaying any sort or Statistics.

Now I can no longer access any type of statitistics with your latest update.

Luckily the app still saved all my past workouts.

Hope you are able to fix these issues

(Jannis Hermanns) #46

Hey @vekkish congrats on 1013 workouts in Gym Hero, what a milestone! :scream: :muscle:

We’ll get this bug sorted, a big sorry for that :frowning:

(lura93) #47

I have an iPhone X and the newest official (no beta) firmware on installed 12.0.1. My Gymhero version crashes when I am adding a new excercise while working out. The crash can be repeated every time at the same point:

  1. working is ongoing
  2. I click add new exercise
  3. the exercise appears with its last weights but it doesn’t pop up the number pad
  4. I click “back” and it crashes
  5. after restarting all good, the working is still going and the new exercise is added

I had this bug also when using 12.0 (yesterday’s workout) :slight_smile:

I also have the same bug as my previous poster (can’t see statistics)

Thx for the good support over the years, love the app!

(Jannis Hermanns) #48

Thank you for the detailed report, @lura93! This helps tremendously. It would be fantastic if you could try out the beta version linked above (it has no timer in the sets editor though, only in the workout view).

(dlc) #49

App crashes on iPhoneX iOS 12.
The keypad is blank when trying to record reps, freeze and the crash. Progress is recorded when restarting, so not too bad.

(Arlen Celinscak) #50

Hi my app still crashes everyday I use it… it will let me put in reps but when I go to put in the pounds it crashes, then I’ll open app back up I get error code… it pretty much crashes on every exercise I try to track.

(Arlen Celinscak) #51

I have iPhone X iOS 12

(bobthegypsy) #52

I’m on ios12.0. Using a previous workout the app works fine. Only when I add a new exercise to the workout does it crash. The screen appears as normal, I can enter the number of reps but then it won’t let me change the weight or do anything else. After a few seconds it will crash completely. On restart the new exercise has been saved to the workout and all works as expected from then on.

(danadane1258) #53

Mine always freezes during the stopwatch function. The notes problem that other members have mentioned Shiwsnuo inconsistently but I feel that the app crashes regularly when I swipe down to start the clock

(hart-rate) #54

My app has been crashing since iOS 11. When entering reps/sets the keyboard disappears and if I don’t back out of the exercise it’ll crash. After I go back in the exercise, I can then add that set only for it to crash right after. Although the keyboard disappears, it’s button function is still there, as once or twice I was still able to finish entering a set just pushing to blank space where the keyboard numbers should have been. During iOS 11 the crashes were manageable, however now in iOS 12, the crashes are so frequent to the tune of almost every set, that the app is becoming almost unusable. I’m have been using an iPhone 7 Plus for both iOS 11-12.

(dreadddy) #55

It is crashing when trying to add a new exercise. I find the exercise put in the reps then when trying to add weight it hangs. Have to go back out of exercise try to go back into it then the crash.

(basketjammer) #56

It crashes 5 or 6 times in a 1 hour workout. It seems to happen when trying to add reps/sets to a new workout.

(grangey) #57

This is not just an ios12 issue.

Notes started failing about 3-4 weeks ago and I was on an early release on ios11. All I get not where notes are entered is “wrapped” with various code, but everything else worked fine.

Updated to ios12 last night, app now crashes intermittently, mainly when using the timer

(mexinaction) #58

Crashes on me daily. I am on iPhone 7S.
I have 3 workouts that I do but have 360+ completed workouts. Not sure if that is an issue.

(Michael Means) #59

Freezes often on the stopwatch, but sometimes when logging sets as well. ios, iphone 6s, with 500+ workouts logged. I have to kill the app 10+ times per workout. Many times after re-opening I have multiple in progress workouts when I should only have 1.

(shafes21) #60

iOS 12, I have over 900 workouts. Crashes when I go to plug in reps and weights