[fixed] App sometimes crashes when entering reps/weight

There is a crasher happening to a lot of you where the app just closes while you are entering sets.

super annoying, we know :disappointed:

There is a 2 phase fix for this in the works:

  1. Next update might make the crash situation a bit better. We have a beta version out already that you can try: How do I become a beta tester? We still have to hear back from our beta testers about how much this helps with the crasher.
  2. Update after next will have have that part of the app rewritten from scratch, and not crash at all when entering sets. Pinky promise!

Please bear with us! :bear:


Thanks for fixing this bug, it has happened to me a few times. But I have to say, this is the only issue I’ve seen; and even though it crashes, all of my data is still there, I don’t lose any of my workout or sets. So the bug is not too bad!

Another app I tried would crash also, but you would lose everything, every workout, routine, set, weight, exercise.

So Gym Hero Pro is my favorite workout tracking app by far. I use it in every workout. Keep up the great work!


i have to fully agree with @ckorb89.

However, you can also prevent a crash when you notice that the “next” buttons have dissapeared. Then simply go back to the workout section and return to the last workout => crash prevented!

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—> Yes. 2.24.11 still has the crash bug, but imho it doesn‘t occur as often as before.
Looking forward to the next update!

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iPhone Xs, Model# MT9H2X/A - latest iOS (12.0.1)

  1. I rarely swap apps, when I’m working out, Gym Hero is usually open all the time
  2. Crashes occur usually when inputting reps/sets, keyboard disappears, but keys still work as if they were still there, but app then crashes and shuts down totally, re-starts OK, usually no data loss, sometimes the current set and reps aren’t restored, but previous sets and reps remain intact.
  3. Frequency / number of crashes seem random, but always occur when entering reps / sets

General Feedback on App:
Aside from the stability issues, it’s well designed, straight forward to use. Would love to see the app for the Apple Watch, would be a game-changer not having to take the iphone to the gym.

I’m a personal trainer who promotes the app extensively through the various gyms I train clients. Would be nice to have some kind of affiliate program to reward us for our efforts getting the app out there and encouraging people to buy the pro version

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Hey @activerog, thank you so much for the feedback. Ping me via DM, I’ll send you a bunch of promo codes for Gym Hero Pro (until we have an affiliate program :wink: ).

For everybody finding their way here via google: Here’s the megathread for this issue including beta version access.

Fixed in 2.25 :white_check_mark: